art by theartofknightjj

Meet SJ & DAVE

We're lovebirds who happen to love photography. 

I (SJ) have a knack for portraiture, while Dave kicks my butt in landscape photography (but he's also really good with portraits, he's just being humble). I know how to make you laugh and help you pose while Dave finds the coolest areas to shoot at. We love to travel, we love cats and we love hearing how our couples met, the proposal story, the 'dad jokes', who is mom's favorite child, etc. 

Our approach to photography is light, modern and carefree — we'd want you to look at your photos with a smile on your face and have images to cherish for a lifetime (but also some great photos for #ThrowbackThursday).


Logo created by Ferjon Abay (highly recommend!)
Art Selfie created by JJ (please check their artwork!)