Marissa and Chris Celebrates Love, Guam Lifestyle Photographer

I love photographing couples... Between you and I, I find so much beauty between two people madly in love with each other. The way they smile looking at each other, the sweet laughter that escapes their lips, the way they caress and hold each other... The little moments between them whenever I pose them bring so much light in my eyes. 

Marissa and Chris are no different from the passionate lovers. They've been married for 7 years and they look so blissful and so, so in love that photographing them was a breeze. I love their outfits that day - Marissa wearing a beautiful yellow dress that makes her golden and Chris looking dapper in his suit. What a classy, gorgeous pair! 

We took photos at Jimmy Dee's Beach during golden hour and sunset. The light was gorgeous and so were the palm trees... Really brings the couple out even more... But I have to say, my favorite shot was from Dusit Thani Hotel and Resort Guam. That place's aesthetic is beautiful! The interior design blows me away all the time whenever I walk in there and I've been dying to photograph a couple in that space... When I given the opportunity with Marissa and Chris - I was over joyed and thoroughly loved all the shots I took. 

I'll stop talking... Here are the photos!